Event Application


PBR Canada Event Application - Touring Pro Series


The event application form must be completed in full and faxed to the PBR Office 719.242.2773.


Formats for Touring pro events:

One day events: 25/12 in the short-go

One day events: 30/10 in the short-go


Two day events: same 25 riders w/ 12 in the short-go OR 50 different riders/12 Short

Two day events: same 30 riders w/ 10 in the short-go OR 60 different riders/10 Short


On two day events the short-go will be held on the 2nd day. If a promoter would like to

present a different format it will be taken into consideration by the competition department.

 All formats must be approved by competition department at the time of event approval.


Qualifications for Touring Pro Events: 25 Format/ 30 Format

Qualifications for touring Pro Events will be done according to the following criteria & in the following order: (a) top 15/18 qualified riders from the PBR Canada Qualification Standings, (b) top 3/5 entered riders from PBR World Qualification standings, (c) two (2) promoter picks, (d) 5 permits selected at random



PBR Canada reserves the right to accept or deny the approval of an event for any reason in it's sole discretion