The Morning Line – Red Deer

By: Tanner Byrne  Saturday, February 3, 2024 @ 10:35 AM

The 2024 PBR Canada Cup Series begins February 3 in Red Deer, Alberta. Photo: Covy Moore/

RED DEER, Alta. – Tonight, we’re kicking things off in Red Deer, Alberta, to start the 2024 season. Looking at the matchups we’re going to have a phenomenal night of bull riding.

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The guys are fresh, healthy. The bulls are fresh.

Last year Red Deer was one of our best events, and I think this year is going to be no different.

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There are a ton of matchups in here that a guy could go with. Some honorable mentions in the wily veterans of Jared Parsonage, Jordan Hansen and Cody Coverchuk. Those are going to be some really great rides.

Below are my bets for Round 1 of the event from Red Deer. Let us know your thoughts and your picks for the Cup Series event by tagging @PBRCanada on Twitter.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the Peavey Mart Centrium Box Office, online at, and charge by phone at (866) 340-4450.

Tyler Craig vs. Lil’ Hooch

Tyler Craig has been on this bull two times before, and it went Tyler’s way. This is a bull that all the guys want to get on. The bull comes out clean out of the chutes. Should be right out of the gate to the right, into Tyler Craig’s hand. Really blowing and popping and showy. One that you can get a good score on. Look for Tyler to repeat his previous performances with an 86-88-point bull ride on Lil’ Hooch.

Dakota Buttar vs. Black Jack

The reigning Canadian Champion has been home healing up from his broken collarbone that he suffered late in the season last year. Once again Dakota is a force to be reckoned with every year and look for this year to be no different. He’s going to want to be that guy that is the first repeat Canadian Champion and jump up in there with Aaron Roy as a three-time PBR Canada Champion. He’s got a great bull to kick things off with in Red Deer by the name of Black Jack from the Skori firm. This is a big, yellow brindle bull that should really blow in the air, could go either way, but looks like he’s got a lot of timing and should fit Dakota Buttar’s style really well. This bull has actually stepped it up a lot the last part of the season and look for Dakota Buttar to go 88 on this bull and a possible round win.

Garrett Green vs. Catfish

As previous years have shown us, Garrett Green loves to start out the season by winning events. And he’s got a good bull to do it on right here on Catfish of Vold Rodeo. This bull is usually around to the right, he’s a little bit tricky for some guys. Look for Garrett to stay right down the middle, not get too far down the well on that corner, and then sit up and ride this bull. He should fit Garrett really, really well. Going to be 87-88 points on Catfish and look for Garrett Green to do what he always does, make great bull rides and look for him to be in the running for the Canadian Championship this year.

Aaron Roy vs. Whiskey Moon

This is a great young bull from the Skori firm. Ashton Sahli was 86 on this bull in Lloydminster. Aaron has been on this bull before and he bucked him off in North Battleford last year. But he knows what this bull feels like, he knows his pattern pretty well. And Aaron is not slowing down at all from what we saw last year and he’s looking to have another solid year this year and be in the running for the Canadian Championship. This is a great bull for him to set himself up well in the first round and get a good pick in the championship round. Look for Aaron to be 85-87 points on this bull, Whiskey Moon.

Wyatt Gleeson vs. Silver Creek

This is a great bull from Nansen Vold, he’s a younger bull, a Sheep Creek calf that really bucks. He’s going to be right in the gate to the right, into Wyatt’s hand. Wyatt really likes them when they spin that way. Look for him to open up with that outside foot. This bull is really fast, has a lot of action, and some suck back. Look for Wyatt to sit up there, open up with that outside foot, and get an 87-88-point bull ride on Silver Creek. Also, this bull means business, so watch for him after the whistle blows and Wyatt gets off. Theres a lot of action with Silver Creek, he’s a mean one, and he’s a crowd pleaser for the ride itself and the theatrics after.