Weston Davidson Rides to First PBR Canada Cup Series Win, Looks Back on Tough 2023

By: Covy Moore  Thursday, May 30, 2024 @ 7:34 PM

Saskatoon's Davidson misses National Finals in 2023, but rebounds in 2024, currently No. 3 in the standings. Photo: Covy Moore/CovyMoore.com.

AIDRIE, Alta. – In 2022, Weston Davidson broke through into the rank of event winner on the PBR Canada Touring Pro Division, and a year later backed it up winning the Ty Pozzobon Legacy PBR Touring Pro Division event in Calgary, Alberta.

But this past weekend he joined the list of winners at the PBR Canada Cup Series level, as the only man to ride both of his bulls in Brandon, Manitoba. 

In front of a capacity crowd at Westoba Place, Davidson rode X6 Ranch’s Busta Rhymes for 84 points, and bested that same contractor’s bull Halo’s Flyin’ Cadillac for 86 points to cement the event title. 

“I was definitely excited there, especially on that drive home,” Davidson said. “But once Monday rolls around it’s a new week and new beginnings. I let it sink in for a little bit, had a day of excitement, but you have to restart Monday and look forward to the next weekend.”

“I think I feel more comfortable showing up. I feel like I belong more now. The nerves aren’t running as high, I am more relaxed getting on. I feel like I deserve to be there more now.”

For Davidson, the win is a reminder that his rough finish to the 2023 season is in the history books, with his focus now fully on the 2024 campaign. After missing the season-culminating National Finals, ending up in the first alternate position, he said he refocused over the winter, turning his attention to more than just the physical aspects of bull riding. 

“I opened up a book for the first time since high school,” Davidson explained. “I read two books on the mental side of things. I definitely feel I have improved on the mental side of the game. When I want to show up I know I can ride bulls, but you have to be ready to show up day in and day out.”

“It showed that you need to find the level that works for you, the way you roll. Knowing what level you can run at. I like to be more relaxed. When I get worked up, or too pumped up, that is when I buck off. Focusing on breathing. I went to the Troy Dunn Bull Riding school, too, and I think that has helped a lot. Your brain can only focus on one task at hand. If you start putting too many things in your brain it starts to scramble. Focusing on being there on the first jump, cause if you aren’t going to be there for the first jump you sure won't be there for the last.”

That disappointment from last season undoubtedly was a catalyst for the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan native’s push to better his craft. But despite missing out on the National Finals, he still showed up as an alternate after a kick in the butt from fellow rider Brock Radford

“I was pretty pissed off at myself,” Davidson said. “I should have rode better all year, that is what it comes down to. There are no excuses for anything but yourself. I didn’t even want to go to Finals at all. Brock Radford called and cussed me a little bit, in a nice way. He wanted me to be there, he was mad, too, he didn’t make it.”

“It was good for both of us to be there. Brock is a great guy and he has always been there. He is a great support guy for all the guys in the locker room. I really appreciate him for all that too.”

Now ranked No. 3 in the race for the 2024 PBR Canada Championship, Davidson said he isn’t paying too close attention to the standings this season, just focusing on consistency. 

“I don’t really pay attention to it. People get asking me though, so you have to look it up so that you have an answer. I just take each weekend the same. You need to ride everything they run underneath you. I try not to look too much into the standings, or which bull I am getting on. I just like to keep things as simple as possible,” he said. 

"Keep the hammer down and ride everything, that is the plan right now.”

With three events on the schedule for the next nine days across the province of Ontario starting with the Cup Series event in London, Davidson said he will ride the wave of momentum and head out east to have some fun. 

“Bull riding is definitely highs and lows. I am feeling really good after last weekend. Just have to keep it rolling into the next ten days and have some fun out in Ontario,” he said. 

"Catch a Blue Jays game. But have fun and show those Ontario fans some great bull riding.”

The fans in Brandon packed the venue. Davidson said a building that loud and that packed only makes riders perform better. 

“It was rank for sure. When they said they were able to open up more seats, they said they sold them out too. It’s crazy. When you have a crowd like that you want to ride that much better. Thousands of people screaming for you, it gets your motor running. It’s hard to explain, but that atmosphere is crazy,” he said.  

“You live for those moments."