Saskatoon, SK PBR - Day Two Draw

By: Ted Stovin  Friday, October 14, 2016 @ 11:38 PM

Photo by Covy Moore.

The following is the draw for round two of the PBR Monster Energy World Finals Qualifier in Saskatoon, SK at the Sasktel Centre on October 15th, 2016. This is not the order of the event on Saturday night. 

Rider Name Bull # Bull Name Del
Fabian Dueck SKRI-193 Monkey Nuts L
Riley Blankenship X6R-7-304 Yellow Moon R
Wacey Finkbeiner VR/P-+127 Venom R
Cole Young HOGS-2 Double Major R
Douglas Duncan OBRC-106 Cutie L
Tim Lipsett HOGS-21 Hookasaurus R
Will Purcell F4BB-141 Finning De Ja Voo Doo L
Brock Radford OBRC-281 Red Mile L
Brady Sims OBRC-017 Bomb Shell R
Todd Chotowetz F4BB-14 Finning Titanic L
Zac Peterson GRS-Y70 Cuckoo Kong L
Scott Schiffner VR/P-020 Crooked Nose R
Cody Coverchuk F4BB-58A Finning Lil Shorty L
Zane Lambert 2BITPZ-185 Shot of Whiskey R
Kurt Shephard VR/P-0730 Grind the Crack L
Cody Casper 2BIT-147 Still Water L
Jake Wilson 2BM-165 Blue By U L
Shay Marks GRS-68 Blue Print L
Cody Ford VR/P-1144 Dirty Grandpa L
Matt Werries CSBB-84 Booster Juice R
Lonnie West HOGS-122 Snap Trapper L
Justin Lloyd SKRI-L5 Jaw Breaker L
Brady Oleson GRS-0 Fridget R
Dakota Louis GRS-222 Apex R
Ty Pozzobon VR/P-126 Snortin Whiskey L
Brant Atwood RFT8-21 Uptown Funk R
Garrett Green SKRI-86 Snap Backs L
Jared Parsonage HOGS-292 White Knuckles R
Kale Marks OBRC-069 Brahma Boots Chrome R
Dakota Buttar HOGS-193 Open Season R

Round two and the championship round take place starting at 7:30pm at the Sasktel Centre on Saturday night. Limited prime tickets are still available at Ticketmaster.